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by Jane Fulton from her “Crude Awakening” project

“Living on the shores of Lake Michigan, I am acutely aware of the disastrous toll the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has taken on all forms of life, especially as our beaches opened to the 2010 swimming season. This environmental, social and economic catastrophe highlights a much larger problem that has inflicted untold suffering as we exploit the earth’s resources worldwide. We are all responsible for leading lives that create demand for unsustainable energy. We are also all responsible for the solution and we must work together to protect the balance of life”

– Jane Fulton

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The Destruction of the Gulf by kk+.

by Kris  Krüg from his flickr

“The blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico should not look like this. As of today it does.
A boat wades through the oily waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The water has an iridescent rainbow sheen from the dangerous dispersant used to break up the crude oil spill”

– Kris  Krüg

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by Jo Syz from his “Coal River Mountain” project

“‘Coal River Mountain’ is an ongoing photographic project that records landscapes and communities affected by Mountain Top Removal Strip Mining (MTR) in the Appalachian Mountains. West Virginia is one of the poorest states in America, with one of the most bio diverse forestlands in the world. The practice of Mountain Top Removal, to extract coal for domestic electricity production, has destroyed thousands of acres of mountain wilderness in this region”

– Jo Syz

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by Anthony Hamboussi from his “Newtown Creek” book

“What we see in the “Newtown Creek” is a microcosm of what happens to the land use in cities during their transformation from a major hub of industrial activity to a secondary but necessary series of spaces, which function and serve the city hidden from our view. One of the effects of this transformation is what the industry left behind, pollution, but it also left a rich and intriguing history for us to unravel, understand and learn from”.

– Anthony Hamboussi

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La botella by Rafael Millan.

by Rafael Millan

“This picture was taken earlier this year. The poor children are part of the Pemón indigenous tribe in Bolívar State, Venezuela.
I think the image explains very well the level of poverty of these children, but there’s also something very ironic about this photograph. At the top right corner you can see a blue bottle. To all Venezuelans it’s easily distinguishable because it’s a PDVSA oil bottle, it can be any of the many petroleum derivates sold in Venezuela by the state-owned oil company.
It seems that the only way these children can profit from all the wealth coming from the oil company is by receiving blue bottles of oil. However, all this money the state makes doesn’t seem to transform into education, health or proper homes”

– Rafael Millan