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pollution by hydrojeno.
from her flickr
“Oil formation on sea”
– Jeno Ortiz
And The Beat Goes On by Omsel.
from his flickr
An older pic from our stream just 5 lots away here in Cagayan De Oro. Not much has changed though in the situation except this given garbage has been washed to the sea and replaced with all new garbage that i’m certain makes no difference to you, the viewer….
– Paul Omsel
Gael by John Javellana.
from his flickr

“Gael, 10, scavenges for recyclables to be sold along the polluted shoreline of Manila Bay. August 10, 2008”
–  John Javellana
Smokey Mountains  by Aleksander Bochenek.
from his “Smockey Mountain”
“Landfill site in Cagayan de Oro / Mindanao Island / Philippines. Hundreds of families stay there in shelters build directly on waste and make a living by collecting various materials. Local people call the dump Smokey Mountains because of toxic smoke getting out from constantly burning dump”

– Aleksander Bochenek