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by Jane Fulton from her “Crude Awakening” project

“Living on the shores of Lake Michigan, I am acutely aware of the disastrous toll the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has taken on all forms of life, especially as our beaches opened to the 2010 swimming season. This environmental, social and economic catastrophe highlights a much larger problem that has inflicted untold suffering as we exploit the earth’s resources worldwide. We are all responsible for leading lives that create demand for unsustainable energy. We are also all responsible for the solution and we must work together to protect the balance of life”

– Jane Fulton

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The Destruction of the Gulf by kk+.

by Kris  Krüg from his flickr

“The blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico should not look like this. As of today it does.
A boat wades through the oily waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The water has an iridescent rainbow sheen from the dangerous dispersant used to break up the crude oil spill”

– Kris  Krüg

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oilpool_1 by 00rini hartman.

by Rini Hartman from his flickr

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Having fun With Pollution. by woodendesigner.
by Nathan Van Auken from his flickr
So I was walking back home from Park Slope the other day and saw this stuff floating in the Gowanus canal as I walked over the Carroll street bridge. Every now and then you can see this stuff floating in the canal. I’m not sure what kind of pollution it is but it is definitely pollution. It makes me kind of ill knowing that it is in there and that I live a mere block and a half away but at the same time there is some beauty in it. The sun was out and the colors coming off this garbage was really amazing”
– Nathan Van Auken


by Filip Singer from his flickr

“A girl enjoys the sun in heavy polluted area of Caspian sea cost ,near Sumgayit city. Sumgayit is the former capital of the Soviet UnionÕs chemical industry. New York City-based environmental watchdog, listed Sumgayit among the 10 most polluted sites in the world, including Ukraine’s Chernobyl and Russia’s Norilsk “

– Filip Singer

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