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Searching For Scraps by AdamCohn.

by Adam Cohn from his “Shipbreaking, Bangladesh” flickr set

“These men trolled the Chittagong shipbreaking sites with long metal rods. They would stab the rods into the muck and listen for telltale sounds that there were scraps of metal under the mud. They’d then dig up the scraps by hand and try to resell them later. These men, barefoot in highly polluted water, were scavenging for scraps of scraps in order to feed their families”

– Adam Cohn

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Wanton Disregard by Vince Alongi.
by Vince Alongi from his flickr

Bags full of garbage thrown in city waterways that flow into the River Plate wash up onto the beach at Pocitos in Montevideo. Garbage management is still a problem in the city and lack of awareness makes matters worse. Shortly after taking this photo I was asked to leave the beach by some Coast Guard type who said that the area was a “military zone” off-limits to civilians. For a “military zone” it looked pretty darn unkempt. Obviuosly they’re too busy with their other military duties, or perhaps they were testing some sort of new defense system

– Vince Alongi


Harbour of Mui Ne, Vietnam - 2008 by jeromelorieau.
Fisherman coming back from his boat in the traditional small boat and pollution in the harbour of Mui Ne
– Jerome Lorieau
pollution by hydrojeno.
from her flickr
“Oil formation on sea”
– Jeno Ortiz
Sad But True by seerixpix.
by Rick
from his flickr

“Just a 1/4 of a mile form the mouth of the Santa Monica Bay, the Bollona Creek gets its daily dosage of scum from the street drains. We have had no rain, this is simply daily sprinklers, car washes, and the like. When it rains the City of Los Angeles removes the net so it doesn’t get broken. It doesn’t stop this scum now but it does stop some solid waste. When the rains come it all gets washed out to sea like a giant toilet flush”

– Rick