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by Anthony Hamboussi from his “Newtown Creek” book

“What we see in the “Newtown Creek” is a microcosm of what happens to the land use in cities during their transformation from a major hub of industrial activity to a secondary but necessary series of spaces, which function and serve the city hidden from our view. One of the effects of this transformation is what the industry left behind, pollution, but it also left a rich and intriguing history for us to unravel, understand and learn from”.

– Anthony Hamboussi

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Having fun With Pollution. by woodendesigner.
by Nathan Van Auken from his flickr
So I was walking back home from Park Slope the other day and saw this stuff floating in the Gowanus canal as I walked over the Carroll street bridge. Every now and then you can see this stuff floating in the canal. I’m not sure what kind of pollution it is but it is definitely pollution. It makes me kind of ill knowing that it is in there and that I live a mere block and a half away but at the same time there is some beauty in it. The sun was out and the colors coming off this garbage was really amazing”
– Nathan Van Auken
Newton Spewton by Diego Cupolo.
by Diego Cupolo from his flickr
“Yellow-brown water gracefully cascades into Newton Creek, the horrifically polluted body of water separating Brooklyn and Queens”
Diego Cupolo