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from flickr page

“Free, beautiful picture of waste pollution and trash disposal at the garbage beach of Malaysia.

The plastic bottles on this beach could be collected and send into recycling or waste management facility. The garbage on this beach alone is worth thousands of Euros. The pollution with trash comes to this beautiful Malaysian beach from the Chinese sea, where nature destruction is severe because water of rivers and the oceans is used for disposal of hazardous waste. The ocean becomes dirty and polluted.

Sand of the beaches becomes toxic as the bottles are melting in the heat of the sun. This rubbish is not collected by anyone.

Recycling or at least collecting of this trash from the beach would improve the environmental situation and help to ease the global ecological destruction of the limited environment that is disappearing from the map.

Climate change and water pollution are very visible on this Malaysian beach that suffered deforestation and hazardous pollutants which polluted and contaminated nature with plastic junk”

– Mehvan Kurdish




by Alex Marttunen, Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 (EPOTY) award winner


by Misty Keasler from her “Guatemala City Dump” project

“A friend told me about the Guatemala City Dump when he heard I was planning my trip. He said there were many people and children living inside the dump. I made a point to see the dump before returning to the states.
I returned the following December, expressly to spend photographing the dump. It ended up being the most difficult project I have ever worked on, both visually and emotionally.
The dump itself was visually challenging. The whole thing was horribly ugly.”

– Misty Keasler

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La botella by Rafael Millan.

by Rafael Millan

“This picture was taken earlier this year. The poor children are part of the Pemón indigenous tribe in Bolívar State, Venezuela.
I think the image explains very well the level of poverty of these children, but there’s also something very ironic about this photograph. At the top right corner you can see a blue bottle. To all Venezuelans it’s easily distinguishable because it’s a PDVSA oil bottle, it can be any of the many petroleum derivates sold in Venezuela by the state-owned oil company.
It seems that the only way these children can profit from all the wealth coming from the oil company is by receiving blue bottles of oil. However, all this money the state makes doesn’t seem to transform into education, health or proper homes”

– Rafael Millan

Kill the World by Quantum Theory.
by Stiaan Schoeman from his flickr