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by Ollie Woods from “Red star, black gold” project on lensculture

“I had come to a remote part of north eastern China to photograph one of the last working steam railways left in the world”

– Ollie Woods
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Trashware: image of e-waste and its effects by phauly.

by Paolo Massa from his flickr

“Guiyu is a city in China where most of the computers and electronical appliances dumped from the so-called “first world” (better called “first polluter”?) end up”

– Paolo Massa

Keyboard Mountain by stefan irvine.

by Stefan Irvine from his flickr
“This photo story depicts a village in Southern China called Guiyu whose local economy is entirely devoted to the practice of recycling electronic waste from the developed world. People from all over China come here to scavenge for valuable metals and components from discarded computers, televisions and phones, which are shipped from countries such as the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong. Old and unwanted electronic waste might contain traces of gold, silver and other metals, which might have considerable value when recycled. All of this scavenging is done in a very low-tech manner; with hammers and screwdrivers. Acid is applied to burn off chips from circuit boards and the toxic fumes goes straight into the atmosphere. Unwanted leftovers are dumped in the river or fields. The environmental catastrophe is impossible to measure with no drinking water available (fresh water has to be shipped in) and with air so toxic, it hurts the throat and lungs just to breathe”
– Stefan Irvine
兩英大溪 - 污染到黑不透光 by Organic Jan's Diary.
from his flickr
Water pollution in China by Bert van Dijk.
from his flickr