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by Yann Gross from his “Agreste” project

“The story is taking place in the north-east brazilian countryside area.
This place has a remainder of the Mata Atlantica, which was once the second largest
forest of South America and which has only about 6% left of its original size.
The rivers taking their source in these wooded hills can supply water to the villages
nearby. However, deforestation is accelerating, and water begins to fail.
I was interested to talk about the everyday life of the people living there, small
stories which are taking place in this remote area”

– Yann Gross

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Crônica de uma Catástrofe Ambiental by Paulo Fehlauer.
by Paulo Fehlauer from his flickr
Deadly chemical leak kills 80 ton fish in Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires Pollution by Karin D.

from her flickr

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