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by Pierre Torset from his “Shipbreaking” project

“Shipbreaking is a controversial industry.

It used to be a highly mechanized operation, concentrated in industrialized countries. But in order to maximize profits, in the 80s ship owners began sending their vessels to the scrap yards of India (Alang), Pakistan or Bangladesh, where salary, health, safety and working standards are minimal, and workers are desperate for work”

– Pierre Torset

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Searching For Scraps by AdamCohn.

by Adam Cohn from his “Shipbreaking, Bangladesh” flickr set

“These men trolled the Chittagong shipbreaking sites with long metal rods. They would stab the rods into the muck and listen for telltale sounds that there were scraps of metal under the mud. They’d then dig up the scraps by hand and try to resell them later. These men, barefoot in highly polluted water, were scavenging for scraps of scraps in order to feed their families”

– Adam Cohn

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Air Pollution by Shubho Salateen's Creative photography.

by Shubho Salateen from his flickr

“Air pollution is a major problem in Bangladesh. Taken in Bricks field in Narayangonj industrial area”

– Shubho Salateen

Bearer by SaiFsoheL.
from his flickr
“From dawn to dusk they work to remove waste… They convert the tannery wastes to fish and chicken feed… but the life ruins with the light…the toxic chemical wastes there life with the wastes from lether goods…He is Ram, Rahim or Jonathon, what ever…bears the waste but do he is aware about the toxicity?”
– Gazi Saif Uddin