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by Filip Singer from his flickr

“A girl enjoys the sun in heavy polluted area of Caspian sea cost ,near Sumgayit city. Sumgayit is the former capital of the Soviet UnionÕs chemical industry. New York City-based environmental watchdog, listed Sumgayit among the 10 most polluted sites in the world, including Ukraine’s Chernobyl and Russia’s Norilsk “

– Filip Singer

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Fire maker by rvibek.
by Vibek Raj Maurya
“Agbogbloshie, popularly known as Scrap Market, is a graveyard for obsolete electronic and mechanical equipment in Accra. There is a huge market for the used second hand electronics – computer, television, refrigerator and other home appliances in Accra. Bulk of these goods are shipped from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and other European countries. At the end of life, most of them are brought here for the metal extraction using primitive methods”
– Vibek Raj Maurya
_ALE8809 by Alexandre Goubin.
from his flickr


by Gerd Ludwig

from the “Soviet Pollution”

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