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Category Archives: radioactive contamination

resulting from 20th century activities in atomic physics, such as nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons research, manufacture and deployment

by Sergey Gorshkov from his blogpost

“Our fathers had been poisoned Arctic. In our best to leave it to our children a little bit cleaner”

– Sergey Gorshkov

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by Andrew McCornell from his “Rubbish Dump 2.0” project

“The suburb of Agbogbloshie in Ghana’s capital, Accra, has in recent years become a dumping ground for computers and electronic waste from Europe and the US. Hundreds of tons of e-waste end up here every month as countries in the West attempt to unload their ever increasing stockpiles of toxic junk. Of the 20 to 50 million tons of electronics discarded each year 70% will end up in poor nations, and in the EU alone 6.6 million tons of e-waste are unaccounted for every year.
Increasingly this e-waste is findeng it’s way to West Africa and countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Traders bypass international laws by labeling the equipment as second-hand goods or charity donations, but, in reality as much as 80% of the computers sent to Ghana are broken or obsolete. their final resting place is Agbogbloshie dump where they are broken apart, mostly by children, to salvage the copper, hard drives and other components that can be sold on.
The disposal of electronic goods in the West is a costly affair and must be done in an environmentally responsible manner, however in places like Ghana there are no such regulations and as such toxic metals like lead, beryllium, cadmium and mercury are continiously being released causing untold damage to human health and the environment”.

– Andrew McCornell

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by Jo Syz from his “Coal River Mountain” project

“‘Coal River Mountain’ is an ongoing photographic project that records landscapes and communities affected by Mountain Top Removal Strip Mining (MTR) in the Appalachian Mountains. West Virginia is one of the poorest states in America, with one of the most bio diverse forestlands in the world. The practice of Mountain Top Removal, to extract coal for domestic electricity production, has destroyed thousands of acres of mountain wilderness in this region”

– Jo Syz

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Yes We Can... Oh Can We? by Pepeketua.
from his Flickr
“What many people fail to understand is that it’s not Earth that is tried to be saved. It’s us, Humans. Earth is going to survive and revive… somehow… But are we? And if we do, what kind of inhospitable place Earth will be? Shall we wait for a sudden global climate change to react? Or for a massively deadly bird flu pandemic? Economic global collapse? Ecosystem collapse?”
– Sebastien Krebs
Fire maker by rvibek.
by Vibek Raj Maurya
“Agbogbloshie, popularly known as Scrap Market, is a graveyard for obsolete electronic and mechanical equipment in Accra. There is a huge market for the used second hand electronics – computer, television, refrigerator and other home appliances in Accra. Bulk of these goods are shipped from UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and other European countries. At the end of life, most of them are brought here for the metal extraction using primitive methods”
– Vibek Raj Maurya